Save secures €15M to repair your smartphone in no time with 360 CP and Idinvest

By September 4, 2015Portfolio

In less than two years the founder Damien Morin managed to turn a non-scalable smartphone repair shop into an exponentially growing startup with hundreds of employees and more than $1.5M in monthly revenue.

Part of TheFamily, his startup Save (née Save My Smartphone) raised $16.7 million in equity and debt from IdInvest360 Capital Partners and business angels, such as Xavier Niel.

$16.7 million for a smartphone repair service seems unusual. But Save isn’t your average smartphone repair shop. The company’s website lists 78 different shops, most of them in French malls. With Save, you can leave your phone with a cracked display, shop and come back 20 minutes later to pick up your phone.

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